welcome :]

scroll down for me please.

About Me :]


Heres a bit about me?
Hello, My name is Max or Mawce if you are a friend.
My pronouns are He/Him but if you want use Xe/Xem
I don't really like many foods but I love strawberry shortcakes, coffee jelly, apple pies, and diet coke
I am also a minor so please dont do anything you wouldn't do to a sibling with me. /srs
Some triggers of mine are just needles and pills or anything with eating too much and/or body and facial image.
I dont really like pda. (shocking I know) I only do like some head pats here and there though.

Some people I relate to too much

Kenma from haiykuu

Even more stuff
I am a cool dude lmao
I might have an addiction with diet coke and white monster- (keyword : M I G H T)
I like a bunch of music and I like making playlists for a bunch of occasions :]

Haruhi from OHSHC

Tamaki from MHA

Killua from HunterxHunter

Some more people I relate to too much
Max from Camp Camp
Dipper from Gravity Falls
Gwen from Camp Camp
Akashi from Haiykuu
Hanako from TBHK
c!Ranboo and c!Tommy from DSMP

Thats Me ⇡

Basic (homophobic, transphobic, racists, etc.)
Please do not say I look intimating it makes me feel pretty weird and uncomfortable.
No bringing up random triggering stuff randomly please. It can be really bad for people

Tsukishima from haiykuu

Saiki from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Some more things :]
I am pretty ani-social even if it doesn't seem that way.
I talk way better in notes but i cant really spell or use grammer well so texting is good^^
I make frog rings or people who I think are cool :] (or people I want to be friends with-)
Im in a band which is pretty cool :]

Hunter from The Owl House

Even more?
I am pretty quiet and most people find it weird but really I just need to recharge from talking alot.
INTP-T and a Capricorn
I dont really like pictures without my mask (im sorry if that causes trouble)

Bakugou from MHA